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Gender is a property that is central to many people's identities, but representing it in software isn't as simple as it initially may seem. In this extremely serious blog post, I explore the complexity of representing identity programmatically, and discuss best-practices for inclusive software design.


I, like all Linux users, am eternally dissatisfied with my experience. In the life-long search for setup perfection, I frequently decide to delete everything and install a different distribution on average once every 3-5 months.

Since I am super forgetful, I always forget to back up at least something, so I am writing this blog post to contain a checklist of things I need to back up before I wipe my system for the millionth time, with the hope that it may be beneficial to others.


Hello everyone! I'm Miguel, one of this term's tutors for UNSW's COMP1531 course. I'm writing this blog post to act as a resource to help you (presumably a new COMP1531 student) create a setup that work well for you, making you work and learn productively, efficiently and effectively.


This is my fancy new blog, where I might write random interesting things at some point maybe – I guess we'll find out!

I'm hosting it locally using WriteFreely, which is honestly really easy to set up!

I'm planning on writing about anything that peaks one of my many interests, such as programming, teaching, music, or maybe all of them at once!